Chancey on Top

John Wareham
ISBN 9781566491747 (paperback)
Published in April 2005
MSRP $14.00
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"John Wareham possesses the cool, clear eyes of a seeker of wisdom and truth."
- The New York Times
"Stunning--ardent, strange and affecting. An exploration of moral quandaries from John Wareham, whose writing is assured throughout."
- Publishers Weekly
"Inspired--hilarious, whimsical, philosophically savvy."
- Kirkus Reviews
"Wildly entertaining ... dazzling ... brilliant ... showcases a full spectrum from the comedic to the sublime ... a literary bonbon that ranks among the finest novels ever."
- New York Observer
"A beautifully written, deeply moving novel that chronicles a riveting psychological journey that sweeps the reader to a shattering catharsis. "
- Bernard Berkowitz, co-author, How To Be Your Own Best Friend
"A magnificent yarn ... funny and sexy ... profound and moving. Captures the conflicts and inner struggles so many upward strivers experience."
- Harry Levinson, Ph.D., author, Corporate Leadership in Action, Professor, Harvard Medical School
"Hat's off to Chancey! The finest contemporary showcasing of the sonnet form, in my humble opinion."
- Professor Charles Defanti, author, The Wages of Expectation: the biography of Edward Dahlberg
On the day his big time ambitions seem about to be realized, Chandler (AKA Chancey) Haste glances into the rearview mirror of the limousine that bears him across Manhattan's Triboro Bridge and catches the reflection of a scorching affair from his past overleaping continents to engulf him.

Chancey On Top is an irreverent novel that exposes with wicked insight and aplomb the strikingly similar hypocrisies that underlie romantic love and modern business. It chronicles the journey of a picaresque protagonist who pursues success, sex, love, and enlightenment on three continents, and finds too much of everything.

The story begins with a backward glance to a bouncing check and a reckless antipodean infatuation. It sweeps through marbled World Trade Center offices where the sweet life seems utterly assured. It ends in the shadows of a murky English mansion where the hero discovers the price of ambition, the value of love, and the meaning of dreams.