Biography and Memoir

A Memoir
Malachy McCourt
In this bestselling memoir, Malachy recounts his flight from a childhood of poverty in Limerick, Ireland, heading for the promise of America.

He arrived in a fast-moving 1950s New York—a dark, glittering city, with a saloon on every corner and a new story to embellish every night. Larger than life, McCourt carved out a place for himself: in the saloons, as the first celebrity bartender; on stage, performing the works of James Joyce and Brendan Behan; and on television, where the tales he spun made him a Tonight Show regular.

Darkly funny, shockingly raw, and everywhere making the English language do tricks the British never intended, Malachy McCourt, a true original, tells his story with passion, wit, irreverence, and charm.

The Search for Father in Oneself
Jess Maghan
Photographs by Sam Lindberg

A luminous series of brief, paired biographies/autobiographies of fathers and children from every walk of life, accompanied by an archival photograph of the father and contemporary portraits of each son or daughter by famed photographer, Sam Lindberg. Using “forced field writing,” adapted from the work of psychologist Kurt Lewin, Jess Maghan has drawn eloquence from these non-professional writers that astounded even themselves. He wants the reader “to tap into the familiar yearning all sons and daughters have to connect with the man anchored to the very center of their being. The man we call father.”

The Girl with the Million Dollar Legs
Tom McGee
"THE authoritative, comprehensive biography of the woman whose pin-up provided the inspiration for American soldiers to win World War II." - Booklist

"This book is a must for Grable fans and all those who love the exciting cinema era of the forties and fifties. It is so refreshing to read a movie biography devoid of trashy gossip and petty commentary." - William Hare

Bricktop and Jim Haskins
"My greatest claim to fame is that I discovered Bricktop before Cole Porter." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

"This books sounds just like the Bricktop I knew--charming, tough, independent...Bricktop's book is a key to a very special time in history. Her book unlocks the door to memories and secrets she has kept hidden in her heart for many years. Bricktop has lived a hundred lives rolled into one. She saw things and did things most people only dream about." - Diana Ross

My Life and Inventions, From X-rays to Death Rays
Robert Howard
The rollicking memoir of a true American original: inventor, entrepreneur, businessman and raconteur.

"Mr. Howard is an inventor and an engineering-oriented, enterprising businessman. He is a pragmatic visionary whose technological inventions have been the forerunners of the established technologies of today...(he is) a pioneer and leader among men." - Kofi Annan
Malachy and Frank McCourt
With an Introduction by Malachy McCourt
The legendary McCourt brothers Frank and Malachy are true seanachies—spellbinding storytellers in the Irish oral tradition. Anyone fortunate enough to have seen them perform their revue A Couple of Blaguards knows that the geniuses who brought us Angela’s Ashes, A Monk Swimming, and their other memoirs (among the best-selling in history) were in full flower long before they were famous authors.
Originally published in 1900, this sublime collection of amorous correspondence from a young Englishwoman to her lover takes the reader on a tortuous, haunting journey, from the ecstasy of her first declarations of love to the last mournful whisperings of a heart broken.
Harrowing Escapes from the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center
Erik O. Ronningen
Erik Ronningen was on the 71st floor of the North Tower on September 11, 2001 when American Airlines Flight 767 struck the building. After an incredible, even miraculous journey down through the acrid, smoke-filled building lit by occasional fireballs, Erik tried to get to the Security Command Center in the South Tower. Unable to do so, he was the last person to make it out of the South Tower alive.

Here is the story of his harrowing escape interwoven with the accounts of fourteen others who were lucky enough to be able to recount them.
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Biography

"The most sensible, lucid, and engaging biography of Cotton Mather we have. A treasure for scholars and a lively account for anyone interested in early America." - Emory Elliot, Princeton University

"A model of historical scholarship, consistently interesting; emarkable both for its enormous learning and for its clarity of analysis." - Sacvan Bercovitch, Harvard University

The Pioneers of Everest
Edited by Yves de Chazournes
Photographs from the Royal Geographical Society, London

Mountains have left mankind awestruck since the beginning of time, with their beauty, mystery, danger, and spiritual appeal. The most forbidding of these, named after George Everest, who undertook in 1823 to survey the Himalayan mountain chain, has become the dernier cri for anyone adventurous (or crazy) enough to challenge the most inhospitable place on earth (also known as “The Third Pole”), the highest mountain on earth.

The Biography of Bill Robinson
Jim Haskins and N. R. Mitgang
"Biographer Haskins and theater historian N.R. Mitgang give us a Bo who challenged the white establishment and succeeded in opening doors for his race...One of the great accomplishments of this book is the devastating image it presents of the obstacles faced by a black performer in the first half of this century. The Bill Robinson who emerges from this study is an odd mixture of legend and flesh and blood." - The New York Times
Elizabeth Sharland
Author Elizabeth Sharland visits the homes of authors, actors and composers, and muses on settings in which their creative work was done. She visits: George Sand's home in Nohant, Maugham, Ivor Novello (London), Puccini in Lake Lago, Coward in Jamaica, G.B. Shaw in Ayot St. Lawrence, Katherine Mansfield in Menton, Paul Bowles in Morocco and Lady Gregory in County Galway.
His Life and Times
Harry Harris
"Heroes walk alone, but they become myths when they ennoble the lives and touch the hearts of all of us. For those who love soccer, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, generally known as Pele, is a hero." - Henry Kissinger

"Pele is to Brazillian football what Shakespeare is to English literature." - Joao Saldanha

"If Pele hadn't been born a man, be would have been born a ball." - Armando Nogueira
Silvia Grohs-Martin
"Silvia lived through one of the darkest periods of history, yet emerged with an unstoppable passion for life. She reminds us that no matter what hardships we endure, the human spirit always triumphs." - Steven Spielberg

“Silvia has done more than survive unthinkable horrors, she has embraced a love of life that is contagious. Her story continues to inspire a belief in the possibilities for goodness in all of us.”
-James Moll, Executive Director, Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation
The Untold Story of the Jacuzzi Family
Remo Jacuzzi
“For me, a Jacuzzi is a person, not a machine. A Jacuzzi is a member of my family,” writes engineer and entrepreneur Remo Jacuzzi, in this epic memoir of his astonishingly large and enterprising family. Jacuzzi whirlpool devices, with which they are popularly identified, are the least of their inventions, since during the last century these immigrants from Italy revolutionized the airplane industry, remade the landscape of American with their injector water pumps, and founded international companies that transformed the lives of all Americans.
La storia straorinaria dell famiglia Jacuzzi
Remo Jacuzzi
This is the Italian-language version of SPIRIT, WIND & WATER, Remo Jacuzzi's family history.

"Originating in Friuli, in the far Northeast of Italy (where the dialect contains a "J" -- hence the name), the huge Jacuzzi clan began immigrating to the United States shortly before World War I. One brother, a brilliant inventor named "Rachele," devised the "Toothpick," a super-efficient propeller, which revolutionized the airplane industry. He and his kin then went on launch a series of inventions -- including water pumps, crop-defrosters, and eventually the hydrotherapy devices which bear their name. The whirlpool bath, however, is only one of the countless innovations..."
The Atlantic Story
Ahmet Ertegun
Essays by Greil Marcus, Lenny Kaye, Robert Christgau, David Fricke, Barney Hoskyns, Nat Hentoff, Will Friedwauld, Robert Gordon & Vincent Aletti. Contributors include: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Robert Plant, Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton, Phil Spector, Jack Bruce, Jewel, Tori Amos, Cher, Booker T., Rufus Thomas, Steven Stills, Graham Nash, Neil Young, Yes, Greg Allman, Genesis, Phil Collins, Blues Brothers, Stevie Nicks and many, many more.