About Welcome Rain Publishers

Welcome Rain Publishers, LLC, is a progressive independent publisher of fiction, nonfiction, art and photography books, humor, drama, and distinguished volumes of poetry. Recently appearing to much acclaim have been: Lost London and its extrapolation Panoramas of Lost London from English Heritage; The Story of the Unsinkable Titanic, and What Matters, the richly praised poems of prize-winner Adele Kenny. We are particularly pleased to be re-introducing the Scala Encyclopedia of Visual Art, with nine titles currently available and another six due by the end of the year.

Now in our fourteenth year, Welcome Rain adheres to the traditional principle in publishing of placing quality before profit, and integrity before mass marketability. We have consistently offered a forum for classics of literature alongside the works of promising and unjustly neglected talents - our backlist comprises more than 200 fine titles.

While the primary purpose of our website is to present new and noteworthy, forthcoming, and active titles in our backlist, we have also built a Library to house previously published Welcome Rain titles that we are particularly fond of. These titles are not currently available from us, but if you see something you fancy, copies are probably available from the Advanced Book Exchange (abebooks.com) or the Amazon Marketplace.