Chancey on Top

John Wareham
ISBN 9781566492645 (hardcover)
Published in April 2003
MSRP $26.95
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"John Wareham possesses the cool, clear eyes of a seeker of wisdom and truth."
- The New York Times
"Stunning--ardent, strange and affecting. An exploration of moral quandaries from John Wareham, whose writing is assured throughout."
- Publishers Weekly
"Inspired--hilarious, whimsical, philosophically savvy."
- Kirkus Reviews
"Wildly entertaining ... dazzling ... brilliant ... showcases a full spectrum from the comedic to the sublime ... a literary bonbon that ranks among the finest novels ever."
- New York Observer
"A beautifully written, deeply moving novel that chronicles a riveting psychological journey that sweeps the reader to a shattering catharsis. "
- Bernard Berkowitz, co-author, How To Be Your Own Best Friend
"A magnificent yarn ... funny and sexy ... profound and moving. Captures the conflicts and inner struggles so many upward strivers experience."
- Harry Levinson, Ph.D., author, Corporate Leadership in Action, Professor, Harvard Medical School
"Hat's off to Chancey! The finest contemporary showcasing of the sonnet form, in my humble opinion."
- Professor Charles Defanti, author, The Wages of Expectation: the biography of Edward Dahlberg