Italian Palazzi

Photographs by Massimo Listri
ISBN 9781566493796 (hardcover)
Published in July 2013
MSRP $75.00
No opportunity was overlooked to flaunt wealth and status in Italian palazzi. From the Middle Ages these buildings, often family residences, incorporated anything from phantasmagoric ballrooms and theaters, to intimate salons which attracted illuminati and patrons of the arts, who could bask in the work of the most talented and passionate artists and architects of their time.

This gorgeous volume leads us century by century, from the 1300s to 1900, through the palaces of Colonna, Farnese, and Altemps, where, within their secret rooms, the papal throne was disputed throughout the Middle Ages, to the flamboyant ducal palaces of Venice and Genoa, to the stunning Baroque edifices of Sicily, to the royal splendor of the Bourbon and Savoy palaces. Incomparable views of the Sistine Chapel are another highlight.

The magnificently crisp color photographs, mostly by Massimo Listri, allow us to absorb the full detail and colors of the magnificent architecture and landscapes that could easily overwhelm us on- site in the rush of tourism and the precautions of security personnel.
This book is both a primer for the enthusiastic newcomer and the a resource for the architectural historian; for the armchair traveler, no experience could be richer.

Massimo Listri is also the photographer of CASA BELLA.