How to Break Out of Prison

John Wareham
ISBN 9781566492911 (paperback)
Published in June 2006
MSRP $15.00
""Corporate executives and crime czars have a lot in common.... Just about any truly competent upper-level drug operator could lead a legitimate business unit," observes business consultant Wareham. The author, who has spent time not only teaching prisoners how to adjust to life on the outside but also training international business leaders, theorizes that, on both cellblocks and executive floors, people create "mental prisons" for themselves that may inhibit them from leading the lives they want to live. He explains how corporate executives often exhibit sentiments similar to inmates', which prevent them from working effectively and enjoying life. One of the book's most powerful sections, "How to Sound the Bugle and Advance to the Rear," identifies the common theme of catching people's attention by doing something that is at once self-important and counterproductive. To illustrate this, Wareham tells of a newly released prisoner who attends night classes that run so late into the evening that he misses evening curfew and thus violates parole. Meanwhile, his executive counterpart, at the helm of a troubled company, calls for bold new corporate initiatives and promptly books a round-the-world flight to meet with prospective clients in the hope that "someone on the ground will find a solution, somehow." Both personages have thus sounded the bugle and advanced to the rear. Wareham's unusual sociological premise, real-life examples, highly readable format and self-assessment personality quizzes will appeal to those seeking to change their lives."
- Publishers Weekly
"Lecturer Wareham (Secrets of a Corporate Headhunter) writes that "all prisons are mental prisons" from which no one is exempt and that "even the sanest among us routinely become trapped in unrealistic value systems." Interesting parallels are drawn between two disparate groups: corporate executives and hardened criminals. The former can become trapped in psychological prisons just as the latter are trapped in mental states that lead them to prison. Invigorating writing, bold ideas, and an almost cocky tone combine with edgy, intricate logic to create a book that is not an effortless read but will result in a fresh and energized perspective. Though Tom Bay and David Macpherson's Change Your Attitude: Creating Success One Thought at a Time has broader appeal, Wareham's energy not to mention his effective use of Shakespearean quotes will charm many. Recommended."
- Library Journal
For ten years, John Wareham, author of the best-selling Secrets of a Corporate Headhunter, has been leading a double life. Four days a week he identifies and develops leaders for major international corporations. On the fifth day he heads to some of New York's toughest prisons to teach the life altering class that he created for the inmates. To his surprise, John found that many of the negative thinking patterns that led to the incarceration of his students were also pervasive among executives, undermining their careers and private lives. Now, lacing dramatic real-life stories with penetrating insights, John shows how individuals from every walk of life become trapped in mental prisons, and then reveals precisely how to break free and create the life you were meant to live. John's central concept is captured in three profound sentences: "All prisons are mental prisons," he says. "They lock from the inside. You lock yourself in and you own the key, so only you can let yourself out." You're holding such a key right now. To turn the key, simply respond to John's 40-item Condensed Life Insight Questionnaire-the Wareham CLIQ-and let him show you how to:

Discover the invisible iron balls that have you imprisoned.
Conspire with the three best friends you never knew you had.
Transmute the iron balls into magic circles.
Stride directly into the wide blue yonder.
Never look back.