The Lost Masters

World War II and the Looting of Europe's Treasurehouses
Peter Harclerode and Brendan Pittaway
ISBN 9781566492539 (paperback)
Published in May 2002
MSRP $18.95
"A vast, impressive catalog...A thorough assessment of the pernicious actions of the Nazis." - Publishers Weekly

"Harclerode and Pittaway sharpen the reader's awareness of how complex the marriage of justice with art restitution can be... Impressive by the sheer magnitude of its subject and by the close texture of its investigative reporting." - The London Times

"Peter Harclerode and Brendan Pittaway document more fully than has ever been done before the damage to the artistic heritage of occupied Europe and the efforts made to trace and retrieve it." The Daily Telegraph

"The definitive current assessment of an ongoing saga. It is a terrible indictment of greed and indolence." The Financial Times

Fired by Hitler's ambition to establish the world's finest museums in his native Austria, the Nazis systematically looted Europe's treasurehouses to accumulate a magnificent hoard of important and priceless art collections. To this day, many of those who suffered the loss of their collections remain empty-handed. The Lost Masters is the most up-to-date account of the tragic looting of Europe and the victims' attempts to reclaim the precious art heritage in the face of indifference from governments and the international art trade.