Beneath Buddha's Eyes

A Novel
Tony Anthony
ISBN 9781566492522 (hardcover)
Published in October 2002
MSRP $25.00
In 1968, Peter Hill left his comfortable life at Yale to discover the truth about Vietnam firsthand. Assigned as a reported, Peter encountered an Australian journalist named Kate White – brilliant, devastatingly beautiful, and tough-as-nails. Together they inadvertently stumbled upon a covert U.S. Operation on the Ho Chi Minh Trail that no one wanted them to divulge. And with the war raging around them, Peter and Kate fell in love despite themselves, but their happiness could not last in a world torn by bombs and hatred.
Years later, Peter's memories of Vietnam begin to take over as he undergoes therapy. When his therapist unearths a book written by Kate – whom he thought he had seen die on the battlefield – after the war, Peters sets out to find her. Reunited after nearly two decades, Peter and Kate attempt to heal old wounds. But could their love, born of desperation and loneliness in a country ravaged by war, have survived the ineluctable passing of time? Based on a true story, Beneath Buddha's Eyes offers a tender story of love amidst the hell of war and a singular perspective of the Vietnam conflict.

Tony Anthony, born in New York, served as a combat correspondent in Vietnam. His stories and photographs appeared in Stars & Stripes as well as in newspapers around the world; he was eventually promoted to sergeant and received several medals and honors for his reporting. He has written on previous book, Life is War: But You Can Win, intended to help Vietnam veterans deal with post-traumatic stress.