Arthur Rimbaud

Presence of an Enigma
Jean-Luc Steinmetz
ISBN 9781566492515 (paperback)
Published in May 2002
MSRP $20.00
Winner of the 1991 Grand Priz De L'Academie Francaise
Los Angeles Times Book of the Year
"This biography represents the fruit of a hundred years of Rimbaldian studies. A highly attentive and just biography."
- Magazine Litteraire
"An outstanding piece of work. Steinmetz, who has edited an edition of Rimbaud's work, is equally at home with the writings and with the voluminous primary and secondary literature, and in a sense, his book is a collective enterprise, judiciously sifting and collating an astonishing array of material and weaving it all together in a highly convincing narrative. It is impossible to do justice to the sheer scope of the books 400-odd, densely packed and tightly written pages within the confines of a review."
- Times Literary Supplement
"Animated by a discreet passion which never turns to devotion, Steinmetz offers us a thoroughly researched study of this elusive personality."
- Le Monde
"Jean-Luc Steinmetz has produced what may be the most comprehensive and readable biography of this enigmatic poet . . . in an elegant prose that is richly varied in tone and texture. This elegant biography is a work of affectionate devotion and unflinching honesty. "
- Los Angeles Times