The Complete Illustrated Atlas of the World
Edited by Phililla Sandall
ISBN 9781566491624 (hardcover)
Published in June 2000
MSRP $59.95
Geographica is a remarkable reference tool that takes the reader on a stunningly illustrated journey from outer space to the nations, cities, towns and villages in every corner of the globe.

Geographica begins with an enlightening section on Earth, its relation to our solar system and to the universe, its existence as a biophysical system, and its role as a home for humans. The early part of the book is organized by topics, written by leading experts in the field and accompanied by the best photographs available. Next, the core of the book contains maps and detailed text, based on the most up to date information available from the world's leading agencies, on the world's 192 nations which belong to the United Nations along with 65 dependencies and overseas territories. Entries for each nation feature an introductory essay on the region and its people, physical features, land use, economy and resources, a locator map, a fact file for quick access to a country's key data – language, population, currency, climate, government, infant mortality, literacy, etc – and much, much more. The final section is a clear, thorough index of place names with page numbers for text and maps.
Compiled and produced by over three dozen editorial and research staff members at Random House Australia, with articles from hundreds of contributors, Geographica is a unique, highly accessible reference book whose organization and writing reflect the goal of its creators: to offer the reader “a journey into the past and an appreciation of the present as it has evolved.”