The Oil Vendor and the Courtesan

Tales from the Ming Dynasty
Feng Menglong
Translated by Ted Wang and Chen Chen
ISBN 9781566491396 (paperback)
Published in January 2007
MSRP $14.00
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"You are about to open a fantastic pop up book of the mind, whose seventeenth-century scholars, clergy, merchants, virgins, and court officials will crowd the room around you. The scents and sounds of their lives, from silk sleeves to the market place hubbub will fill your noses and ears. These crisply translated Ming tales come from a China now re-inventing an urbane, cosmopolitan culture whose roots lie right at home, in sophisticated stories like these, written during a period of intense social upheaval and profound engagement with the arts that rivals our own time."
- Angela Zito, Professor of Religion/ Anthropology, New York University
"Tales such as The Oil Vendor and the Courtesan not only offer an unique window into Chinese civilization during the Ming --1368-1644-- (and in this case the earlier Song) Dynasty, but also intriguing insights into enduring themes and values that are relevant today."
- Clifford E. Peterson, Professor of International Politics, Ramapo College, New Jersey
"Ted Wang is a professional translator and simultaneous interpreter; Chen Chen (a pseudonym) is also the author of Come Watch the Sun Go Home: A Memoir of Upheaval and Revolution in China. For the first time in a long life as an avid reader, tears streamed down my cheeks as I closed the last pages of Come Watch The Sun Go Home. No book has ever elicited that depth of emotion, not the victims of the Gulag Archipelago, nor mankind's unbelievable inhumanity towards his fellow man in stories from the Holocaust."
- Kathryn Munster, Santa Barbara, California