The Blitz on Britain

Day by Day - The Headlines as They Were Made
Edited by James Alexander and Maureen Hill
ISBN 9781566490856 (hardcover)
Published in January 2010
MSRP $39.95
The Blitz began on September 7th, 1940 with massed bombing of London by the Luftwaffe; the first onslaught endured for 57 consecutive days, then continued sporadically until May the following year. Never in the history of war to this point had a civilian population been subject to such unrelieved terror, though Britain and her Allies would give as good as they got - and more: Germany paid a terrible price for its aggression. But at the outset of this devastating period in the annals of war, Britons wondered if civilization as they knew it was coming to an end. If London experienced the longest period of attack, other cities, mainly the industrial cities and ports of Britain would suffer the same or worse intensity. Each day of the Blitz, the wartime government carefully balanced the output of information to the British public and the covert eyes of the Nazi regime. The government mouthpiece was Fleet Street and although many people experienced the Blitz first hand, the media set the tone for the national experience. In this remarkable book the reader can experience the Blitz as the people of Britain did at the time.