Most Wise & Valiant Ladies

Andrea Hopkins
ISBN 9781566490733 (paperback)
Published in August 1999
MSRP $16.95
Most Wise and Valiant Ladies presents six fascinating stories of medieval Europe, shown through the lives of some remarkable women. From the fascinating everyday life of a medieval housewife such as Margaret Paston, to the incredible campaigns fought by Joan of Arc, this exciting account brings the medieval world to life in a modern way.

Our wise and valiant ladies are:
Joan of Arc – visionary and warrior
Eleanor of Aquitaine – queen, crusader and parton of the arts
Margery Kempe – religious fanatic and pilgrim
Hildegard of Bingen – legendary abbess, scientist and composer
Christine de Pisan – influential writer on the role of women
Magaret Paston – wife and mother

Andrea Hopkins read English at Oxford. Her first book was a study of penitence in medieval romance. She has also written an illustrated history of medieval chivalric culture, Knights, and The Chronicles of King Arthur, both published by Collins & Brown.