The President's Therapist

And the Secret Intervention to Treat the Alcoholism of George W. Bush
John Wareham
ISBN 9781566490528 (paperback)
Published in April 2010
MSRP $14.00
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"WAREHAM'S 231 PAGE BOOK IS A WINNER. A 'what if' novel wrapped in layers of reality that offers an unnerving case study or alcoholism in the White House. We enter a series of psychological and forensic intelligence forays engendered by the U.S. Secret Service, along with a certain Doctor Mark Alter, leadership psychologist and wizard at "coaching" damaged CEO's into restoring their acumen and performance. In this case, however, the patient is none other than President George W. Bush."
- The Christian Science Monitor
"Unique. Highly recommended and sure to please... told from the perspective of the president's psychologist, this is a story with a unique twist and perspective."
- Midwest Reviews
"Profound, universal insights within fine literature, The President's Therapist will be remembered long after our 43rd Commander in Chief has been forgotten."
- Dr. Brian Sutton Smith, Columbia University professor of psychology, author of The Ambiguity of Play
"An astonishing original work that pushes the novelistic envelope within a highly literate framework. It will change the reader, just as surely as at least four thousand American warriors and countless innocent Iraqi citizens might still be alive if only Dr. Mark Alter had gotten to our our-of-his-depth and out-of-control President George W. Bush a little sooner."
- Malachy McCourt, Green Party Candidate for Governor of New York State, writer, luminary of the performing arts
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Leadership psychologist, Dr. Mark Alter is secretly retained to help United States President George W. Bush address a clandestine addiction to alcohol and reverse the course of the Iraq War. The assignment meets with astonishing success - until malevolent forces come into play.

The novel's eerie realism stems from Wareham's lifetime of experience as confidential counselor to corporate leaders, and his meticulous research into the psyche of George W. Bush. Through Dr. Alter, Wareham shares presents balanced, authentic insights into perhaps the most tragic president in modern times, and shows precisely how his presidency might have been rescued.