Marine Bramly
ISBN 9781566490474 (paperback)
Published in October 1998
MSRP $12.95
Rome: 1610: Beautiful, vibrant Atremesia Gentileschi leaves her secluded life in the convent at the age of seventeen to pursue her ambition to become a painter, like her father Orazio, a disciple of Caravaggio - a profession denied to women. Women cannot attend classes at the academy, nor are they allowed to have male models. However, Artemesia is as stubborn as she is passionate about her art and begins painting nudes secretly. Artemesia convinces her father to allow Agostino, a stormy Florentine artist who has come to work on an order of religious frescoes with Orazio. to become her teacher. Agostino takes Artemesia's innocence, and they become lovers. Despite their efforts to keep their liasion a secret, they are discovered by Orazio, who is infuriated by this blow to his honor, and demands reparations in court.