Legends of Steam

Colin Garratt
ISBN 9781566490351 (hardcover)
Published in October 1998
MSRP $40.00
For thirty years Colin Garratt has been professionally documenting the last steam locomotives of the world. He has mounted expeditions to some forty countries embracing all continents in a desperate race against time. Little more than 6,000 steam locomotives remain active world-wide – less than one-third of what Britain alone had as recently as the 1950s.
The pictures are grouped into themes that reflect the wonder of the world of steam in the twentieth century. They combine many of Colin Garratt's previously unpublished photographs, the evocative work of railway artist Terry Hadler, pictures from such world authorities as A.E. Durrant and Ron Ziel as well as monochrome pictures of great historical value from the Milepost library.
Written by a world expert with firsthand experience of all aspects of the world steam scene, Legends of Steam will appeal to everyone interested in railways and photography. This unique book is the most exciting visual tribute to the Age of Steam ever produced.

COLIN GARRATT has written and illustrated over fifty books on railways, photography and travel, and regards this volume to be his finest work to date.
Apart from professionally documenting the last Steam Locomotives of the World, Colin is the Director of Milepost 92 ½, the multi-media production company, publisher and picture library for the railroad industry.
Milepost's studios are in a Georgian farmhouse set in idyllic surroundings amid the Leicestershire countryside. The studios are located immediately alongside Milepost 92½ on the Midland Main line, only a few hundred yards from the Victorian bridge from which Colin watched his first train as a child in 1949.
Colin is a noted lecturer and has toured several audio-visual theatre shows including Britain's Railway, a 12-projector multi-image presentation made for the British Railways Board.
Colin Garratt is a Canon Eos professional and exclusively uses Agfachrone film.
Apart from his professional interests, Colin is a former band leader and a student of New Orleans Jazz. Other interests embrace art, ornithology, politics and the appreciation of fine cigars.
Colin lives with his wife Carol and young daughter Marie-Louise, who is named after the former LMS Princess Royal Classic Pacific No. 6206.