Chronicle of War

1914 to the Present Day
Edited by Duncan Hill
ISBN 9781566499958 (paperback)
Published in August 2009
MSRP $29.95
Packed with more than 900 photographs – many never before seen – drawn from the archive of Associated Newspapers.
Chronicle of War: 1914 to the Present Day tells the story of conflicts around the globe from, and including, World War I.
Includes many original newspaper accounts giving first hand dramatic accounts of the conflicts that have shaped the 20th century.
Included are the Russian Revolution, Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Wars of Independence, the Spanish Civil War, World War II, the Chinese Civil War, Korea, Algeria, Vietnam – and many more.
(Armenian Genocide, Turkish War of Independence, Japanese invasion of Manchuria, Changkufeng Incident, Greek Civil War, Mau Mau insurgency, Cuban Revolution, Biafra, Rhodesia, Falklands, Granada, the Gulf War, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, East Timor and Darfur to name just a few.)

Duncan Hill has written and edited more than ten books on twentieth-century history and is the author of An Atlas of World History (2005). After graduating from the LSE he worked in the United States Senate. He now lives and works in London.