The Tao of Bada Bing

Words of Wisdom from The Sopranos
David Chase
ISBN 9781566492782 (hardcover)
Published in May 2003
MSRP $14.95
Tony Soprano is a Mafia boss in New Jersey with two families--his wife and kids on one hand, his Mob family on the other--and he walks a fine line between the two. Time-honored traditions such as loyalty
and duty coexist with illegal operations and violent crimes. The wife and children occupy the place of honor., but goomars (mistresses) also have their place. Tony is pushed and pulled from all sides--no wonder he needs to see a shrink.

There is a parallel to be found between the universe of Tony Soprano and the world of the ancient Chinese philosophy known as Taoism: the challenge of a man navigating through a life filled with contradiction and paradox. Loosely arranged according to the principles found in the Tao Te Ching, the fundamental text of Taoism, The Tao of Bada Bing: Words of Wisdom from the Sopranos celebrates David Chase's extraordinary series and the mysterious, ever-changing world that he and his brilliant team of writers have created.

The Chapters:

Thirty Spokes Converge
The Journey of a Thousand Miles
Written in the Blood
My Sustenance Comes from the Mother
Those Who Know
If a Country is Governed Wisely
Fill Your House with Gold and Jade
Only One in Ten
The Best Way of Employing a Man
Do You Have the Patience to Wait?
Act Without Doing
The Highest Type of Ruler
You Fight a War by Exceptional Moves
A Man Justifies His Actions
Savoring the Moment
When Exotic Goods are Traded
An Excessive Love
The Farther You Go
No Knowing is True Knowledge
If People Have Lives Worth Living
The Five Colors Blind the Eye
To See the Small
Don't Leave a Trace
If He Didn't Laugh, It Wouldn't be Tao!
There is No Greater Misfortune
A Man of Violence