Heart's Journey in Winter

James Buchan
ISBN 9781566491785 (paperback)
Published in November 2002
MSRP $14.00
Winner of the Guardian Fiction Award
"I don't believe this country has a better writer to offer than James Buchan."
- Michael Hofmann, London Review of Books
"An astonishing book: intelligent, ingenious, vastly rewarding... An astonishing literary feat."
- Boston Globe
"The toughest-minded and most romantic genre-transcending thriller in more than a generation."
- Ron Rosenbaum, New York Observer
The final battle of the Cold War is about to begin--a secret battle for the divided heart of Germany.

Bonn, 1983, prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Richard Fisher is an agent for the British government passing himself off as a writer and historian and attempting to forge an arms deal with the Russians; Polina Mertz is a beautiful, seductive undercover U.S. operative who captivates him. Both are players in a comples web of ideology, romance, murder, and political intrigue that turns upon the drive to push through an arms control agreement dubbed the "Golden Plough" as U.S., British, German, and Russian diplomats secretly meet to contend for the fate of Europe.