Death from the Snows

Brigitte Aubert
Translated by David L. Koral
ISBN 9781566491778 (hardcover)
Published in September 2001
MSRP $24.95
The highly anticipated sequel to Death from the Woods.

Elise Andrioli, the unforgettable heroine of Death from the Woods, is back on the case. Having solved the mystery of the child serial killings outside Paris, Elise has become sort of a minor celebrity, selling the rights to her story to a mystery writer named Brigitte Aubert. Despite having regained mobility in her left arm, Elise is still blind, mute and confined to a wheelchair. When her uncle offers her his chalet at the ski resort of Castaing, she and her caregiver Yvette take off for what they think will be a few days of rest and relaxation. While she is there, she is invited to appear at a recreational center for disabled persons. But as soon as she arrives, an unknown person presents her with a gruesome gift that is linked to a horrible murder that has just been committed in the town. Then, some of the residents of the recreational center begin dropping like flies, and, all too soon, Elise discovers she has become th object of the killer's fancy.

BRIGITTE AUBERT is widely considered to be France's most talented female thriller writer. Her most recent high successful and critically acclaimed novels include Transfixions, La Cavali, Ranko Tango and Passagère san retour.