Elton John

The Illustrated Biography
Jane Benn
ISBN 9781566490993 (paperback)
Published in August 2010
MSRP $16.95
It is no longer unusual for a pop artist to have a career that spans decades; many great performers who started out in the sixties and seventies still have that magnetic draw that fills stadiums today., while others who have mastered the art of reinvention manage to attract new, young fans despite the passing of years. For Elton John, the truth of his eternal success lies somewhere else. Yes, he still has the ability to fill arenas, singing songs from his "classic period" in the seventies, and yes, his image has changed during the past four decades. But from "Your Song" to "Circle of Life" Elton's appeal runs far deeper and is a reflection of a multi-faceted and polished talent that emerged at a very young age.