The World at War: World War Two

Edited by Duncan Hill
ISBN 9781566490825 (hardcover)
Published in October 2011
MSRP $24.95
This conflict was the epicenter of Twentieth Century history — the first truly global war, mobilizing millions of troops, rending millions of civilians homeless, and spawning the Holocaust. A mere 20 years after the Treaty of Versailles had, supposedly, assured that the Great War was "the war to end all wars," the world was consumed by an even bloodier global conflagration. World War Two was the first conflict to claim more civilian than servicemen's lives, with over 50 million fatalities in total. World at War: World War Two uses contemporaneous reports and photographs from the Daily Mail archives, including many eyewitness accounts, to show how the conflict developed, describing the key battles, and tactical decisions, and turning points, that led to the unconditional defeat of the Axis Powers.