The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism & Capitalism

George Bernard Shaw
ISBN 9781566490535 (paperback)
Published in January 2016
MSRP $18.95
First published in 1928 and addressed to the The Intelligent Woman (specifically his sister-in-law, Lady Mary Stewart Cholomondely), George Bernard Shaw’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism should be read by every American in the twenty-first century who has benefited, or ever will benefit, from Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, disability, unemployment, food stamps, or any of the government’s social insurance programs.

The inequities of capitalism as an economic system are nothing new, and Shaw was one of the early champions of socialist reforms to protect the working class against the advantages capitalism gives those who control the means of production.

As statistics continue to tell a story of widening income inequality in the US today, Shaw’s wise and witty look at the justice of socialist policies tells us how we can do better.

"Shaw's socio-political treatise is a fine illustration of the simplicity of great writing." - The Christian Century

"The result of his clarity and his thoroughness is that he has written practically a political history of modern English life and a Utopia at the same time. He has made plain the entire complicated system of modern life." - The Chicago Daily Tribune

Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, renowned playwright George Bernard Shaw was also a vegetarian and feminist, and because of his life experiences, a forceful, insightful advocate on behalf of socialism. Shaw argued in favor of egalitarian society and the socialization of the means of production; and against the exploitation of women in capitalist societies and “supply side” theories in which capital can be accumulated but does not “trickle down.”