Diana, Princess of Wales

A Tribute
Tom Corby
Photographs by Tim Graham
ISBN 9781566490320 (hardcover)
Published in January 1997
MSRP $24.95
On hearing of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, there was an emotional outpouring of grief from millions across the world, but the love and regard ordinary people had for 'The People's Princess' was never in doubt. Diana was many things to many people – tireless charity worker, style icon, loving mother to her two sons – and in Diana, Princess of Wales: A Tribute Tim Graham shows the many facets of her personality in a heartfelt acknowledgment of a remarkable woman.
From the moment the shy nineteen-year-old kindergarten teacher first stood in a ray of sunlight to have her photograph taken, the world recognized a new star. Seldom out of the newspapers, always in the news, the Princess used her sudden celebrity to fight for the causes she believed in – for the better understanding of Aids patients; against the use of landmines, where the devastation they wreak can be felt decades after they are put in place; for the care of terminally ill children, most particularly at the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital; these and hundreds of other causes benefited from her care and love.
Now, as a nation and the world pay their final respects with an intensity of feeling rarely experienced, Diana, Princess of Wales: A Tribute documents in an intimate portrait the making of a legend.
For twenty-five-years and in more than a hundred countries throughout the world, Tim Graham has recorded in thousands of images the role of the Royal Family. Recognition of this work led to invitations to photograph the family at home – pictures that captured some of the most charming and relaxed family moments, and have won a special place in people's memories. In 1983 he photographed the baby Prince William with his parents at home in Kensington Palace, and there followed a unique invitation giving Tim unprecedented access to photograph the public and private lives of the Prince and Princess of Wales over many months. The book, In Prince, In Public: The Prince and Princess of Wales, became a worldwide bestseller, with profits going to the Prince of Wales Charities Trust.

Tom Corby was Press Association Court Correspondent from 1985 to 1992. He has served as Public Relations adviser for the Prince's Trust, and is now a Public Relations adviser specializing in royal issues. He is a freelance journalist and author, and among his books are HRH The Prince of Wales: The Public Life and HM The Queen Mother: A Celebration of 90 Years.