Hornblower's Navy

The History of Life in Nelson's Navy
Stephen Pope
ISBN 9781566490306 (paperback)
Published in October 1998
MSRP $22.95
A stunningly illustrated history of Nelson's Navy using the character of Horatio Hornblower as our guide. Published to coincide with the release of a major TV series on A&E from the producers of Sharpe.

Drawing on the resources of the Royal Naval College in Greenwich and the Naval Dockyard Trust at Chatham, Hornblower's Navy shows how a naval warship was built and how it fought during the Anglo-French wars. Based on the novels of C.S. Forster, this unofficial book uses the Hornblower character to explore what it was life to join the navy of King George III in 1793, the bloodiest era in British naval history, and his struggle to become a leader of men. Both the film series (comprised of five two-hour segments) and the book are historically accurate.

Stephen Pope is a former Oxbridge Scholar in Modern History. His major historical works include encyclopedias of the First and Second World Wars, and the forthcoming Dictionary of the Napoleonic Wars.